Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter

About Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter/PCU(2.5 KVA to 10KVA)
A solar hybrid inverter are the new generation of inverters. These inverters are powerful with advanced mppt technology with a solar charge controller, digital display and safe and secured from short circuits. They basically change DC energy using solar modules into clean and stable AC power. They also have the energy saving mode.

Manufacturing and the services we provide

We manufacture inverter/PCUs that provide highest level efficiency. We are a leading brand and have proven to overcome the limitations and give maximum possible yield. Our Product range aims to cater to the rooftop requirements of our clients. These inverter/PCUs come with user selectable energy saver mode, allowing users to select the priority and save the bill.

Features of Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter/PCU

  • LCD Display
  • Solar polarization
  • Advanced microprocessor
  • Incorporates all the features of a conventional sine wave inverter
  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry

Advantages of our Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter/PCU

  • Long lasting
  • Decrease greenhouse effect
  • Converts DC to AC which is a reliable source
  • Multifunctional devices
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Can run without a solar panel
  • In detail information display